Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day, 2016

We started this blog in December 2010. So, this will be our second Leap Day. However, it might be interesting to see what was going during each of those earlier times.
    2010 Two years into the 4-year cycle. Our first post was about Henry, Ann, and their kids. Fortunately, there was Thomas S. Lunt's (1913) book. Our most popular post was from 2011: George C. Lunt (Silversmith). It was interesting following the history back to the Moultons.

    2012 We started a progeny list using Wikipedia pages, for the most part. Whence issues still need some attention. Also, we used a post to provide a brief index to the MSS series. Lunts cover about eight pages in Volume 10. 
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