Sunday, August 9, 2015

Green Acre, 1912

At least two descendants of Henry Lunt were at this meeting in 1912, Green Acre, near Eliot, ME.  As we discover the others, we will update this post.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Sarah Osgood

Thomas S. Lunt did a good job with his book. There are various other works that extend what we know about the descendants of Henry and Ann Lunt (example web site).

While looking at a site today, I saw that Sarah Osgood had married Joesph Lunt. On looking at T.S.'s book, I see that Joseph is #66. He is the son of Joseph Lunt (#15) and Martha Noyes. Martha was a descendant of Rev. William Noyes through his son, Rev. Nicholas Noyes.

Now, Sarah is interesting. She is the offspring of families that were troubled by the Witch Trials of 1692: Osgood, Dane, Clements. Her grandmother was Mary (Clements) Osgood who was accused. She is descendant of Rev. Francis Dane who was a vocal critic of the whole affair (Imagine a meeting).

T.S. mentions nothing further about Joseph and Sarah. But, on a closer look (Mass Vital Records), we see that they had a daughter, Sarah, born in 1741.

The next step is to see what became of this Sarah Lunt. Those families experienced a lot of tragedy. We seem to romanticize the experiences of the witch trials, but those who suffered did so in a dire mode (to wit, the Wilson family and a medical affliction on a whole generation).

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