Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary, 2013

This blog got its start in December, 2010. A Post of Interest was done in December of 2011. So far, there has been 31 posts with one category which is Descendants.

The image shows an ordered list of posts that shows the popularity for the Past 30 days and for All time. Compare with last year's.

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We expect to have more activity next year.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lunts and Lunts

While reading through Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (a 17-volume compilation authorized in 1891 - see below for on-line access to all volumes), I was struck by several things. For one, how can we thank those who put together this wonderful resource? The page count is above 17,000 which represents the effort to identify the patriots in one area. For instance, New Hampshire's patriots are not included, though Maine is well-represented.

Too, the Lunt listing (Volume 10) starts on page 44 with Abner and ends with Timothy on page 52. There are over 40 Lunts in the listing. Then, one has to wonder which of these are descendants of Henry.

An open task will be to identify Lunt families who were early emigrants and to pull out of the MS&S those who were offspring of Henry and Ann. We can start with Thomas S. Lunt's book.

--- Index to on-line volumes (thanks to archive.org) --

       v1 (A - Ber), v2 (Bes - Byx), v3 (C - Cor), v4 (Cos - Dry), v5 (Du - Foy),
       v6 (Fr - Gy), v7 (Ha - Hix), v8 (Hm - Jy), v9 (Ka - Lsu), v10 (Lua - Mop),
       v11 (Mor - Paz), v12 (Pea - Raz), v13 (Rea - Sey), v14 (Sha - Sth), v15 (Sti - Toz),
       v16 (Tra - Whe), v17 (Whi - Z)


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Friday, May 31, 2013

Henry's will

Paula's Genealogy Corner has been a real asset during my studies of Henry's offspring and the collateral families. Paula's Lunt page goes through 4 generations for several lines. She takes Daniel (1st Gen) to Josiah who was born in 1732.

She also has the contents of Henry's (0th Gen) will. He mentions his wife as Anna.


This site is an example of several that we can organize into a reference page. Paula has been consistent in providing sources which can be found at the bottom of the page.


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where is Henry Lunt's journal?

The comment (below, indented) was made to the post about Lt. Henry Lunt (Mariner) this past week by Kathy Evans who is part of a project team that is looking for the Bonhomme Richard. The comment includes links to information about the project.
    I am contacting because of a mutual interest we share with you, the ship Henry Lunt rode to fame on in September 1779 along with Commander John Paul Jones - the Bonhomme Richard. We have been searching for the long lost wreck of the Bonhomme Richard since 2006, and are contacting you in the hopes that a personal journal Lt. Lunt kept may be in your possession. That journal seems to be missing from the historic record and we are hoping that as his descendants you may either have it or know where it is.  
    I am an associate of Ocean Technology Foundation. You may wish to look at our homepage at http://www.oceantechnology.org/. If you turn your attention to the bottom of that page you’ll see a link to our Bonhomme Richard project. 
    We are nonprofit group with 501(c)(3) status whose focus is primarily on Marine Research and Education which is how our foremost venture became locating the Bonhomme Richard.   
    In that endeavor we have scoured nearly 900 square nautical miles of ocean floor in the southern portion of the North Sea. We believe that the Lt. Lunt’s journal may hold the key to why our search has thus far not led us to the ship. We are also hopeful that if you are in possession of the journal you will share a copy of it with us. 
    End of comment.
Henry served, as 1st Officer, under John Paul Jones and has had much written about him that we expect to review in more depth later. Some who wrote of him, such as James Fenimore Cooper, saw the journal. A Lunt descendant, evidently, saw the journal last century.

The search team expects that Lt. Henry's journal would contain information pertinent to their goal. So, where is the journal?

For now, this post is meant to initiate an effort at doing a wide cast. Please forward a link to whomever you think might know about the journal. To contribute information, post a comment or send responses to ajswtlk[@]gmail[.]com.

Future posts will go more into Lt. Henry's exploits and describe responses to this query; too, we'll detail other approaches that will be attempted, such as those related to crowd sourcing and the like.


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