Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great migration

Some may know of this project, but here is a link to the Great Migration study that is looking at New England, and all of the families that arrived, from 1620-1640.

Henry Lunt has 3 1/2 pages (Vol IV, I-L, pg 365).

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08/10/2015 -- Removed link to the GM books (will recover, at some point).

09/20/2011 -- After some more research, we'll compare the information in this study with that provided by Thomas S. Lunt in his 1913 book. There seems to be some differences that bear a closer look.

09/20/2011 -- Most likely the text was left damaged while editing. How? Something gets accidentally highlighted, then an edit macro (keyboard driven) takes effect, with a garbled results. The lesson: more careful proof-reading on a regular basis.

Modified: 08/10/2015