Tuesday, January 18, 2011

North (east and central) Essex County

As we look at Henry, Ann, and the family, we will need to include the northern area of Essex County (note the dragon -- ca 1812). The sister blog centers itself on the southern end of the county.

The original settlement point for Henry and Anna was Newbury. Two daughters married into families in adjoining towns, Elizabeth in Amesbury and Mary in Rowley.

Over hundred years later, in 1764, Newburyport was split out of Newbury. The author, Thomas S. Lunt, says that he descended from seven generations of Lunts who lived in Newburyport.

The eastern boundary of this area is Plum Island which is shared by Newbury, Rowley, and Ipswich. Captain John Smith was there in 1616.


The following is a list of web-accessible information about northern Essex County.


05/09/2011 -- According to Henry's Will, his wife was Anna.

01/18/2011 -- 2/5ths of Plum Island is owned by Ipswich, MA which we'll look at, with its central Essex County mates, as many related families settled there.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Two generations

Henry and Ann arrived early (1634), in the Newbury area. The descendant tree from these two will be large and contain relations to many families. Fortunately, a lot of these families have researched their history both here and before the movement across the waters.

Like the Mayflower group, with their list for three generations, we can start with Henry's and Ann's kids and carry this forward a couple of notches as a means to identify gaps.

In the below list, we'll start first with information from Thomas S. Lunt's book about spouses and children. There may be pointers to work done already, for some, but only as an example (meaning, of course, to be verified). Also, the pointer may be only to partial information. At some point, the goal is to pull this data together, hopefully with a full tree that includes both genders' offspring. That is, for each generation, fill in the information for all siblings, to the extent possible, of course.

01/14/2012 -- Sarah's husband, John, (descendants - Larson) was a grandson of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. One of her offspring is Alan Bartlett Shepard.

08/30/2011 -- Update on Henry (2nd gen) son of Daniel (1st gen).

08/10/2011 -- More info about Mary Lunt.

06/08/2011 -- More info on Priscilla Lunt.

05/09/2011 -- According to Henry's Will, his wife was Anna.

03/22/2011 -- George C. Lunt and Lunt Silversmiths.

02/22/2011 -- Added information about Sarah, from the Great Migrations project (several volumes).

01/18/2011 -- Changed descendants for Skipper (Henry, Henry). Had used his grandson, Samuel. Added descendants for Samuel (Henry, Henry).

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Newbury, MA

Henry Lunt was one of the original founders of Newbury, MA. Some of the other families were mentioned in the last post.

The following list mentions some information (web accessible) about the area:
  • Historical Society of Old Newbury -- the Society dates back to 1877. The town just celebrated its 375th birthday.
  • US Gen Web -- this site provided by Essex County has a collection of information related to Newbury.
  • The Sons & Daughters of the First Settlers -- was founded in 1927 and offers membership to descendants of those on this First Settlers list. Henry is in red due to being a first proprietor.
  • archive.org -- a copy of the book by Joshua Coffin, A sketch of the history of Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845. Joshua mentions Stephen Bachiler passing through Newbury on the way to Hampton, NH.
  • Owns 2/5ths of Plum Island, along with Rowley and Ipswich.
  • ...
We will update this list with additional information from time to time.


05/17/2011 -- Nice writeup about Stephen Bachiler.

01/10/2011 -- The Winthrop Society has a passenger listing by some of the ships.

01/09/2011 -- Newbury, MA is in Essex County.

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