Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ann Lunt (Oth Gen)

We don't know much about Henry and Ann before they arrived in 1634. Some think that Ann's maiden name was Hurst.

However, we can start to collect notable descendants. We have already mentioned Col. Timothy Pickering. We can add Sen. John Kerry and Alice Hathaway Lee (1st wife of Pres Theodore Roosevelt).


One interesting family tie is via Ann's second marriage to Joseph Hills after Henry died. He has Walt Disney and Ansel Adams (Spooner's description) as descendants. As well, his descendant line married into the Lunt family about 100 years later which we'll look at later.


05/30/2012 -- From whence Lunt?

09/20/2011 -- In his will, Henry used Anna. In the Great Migration, they show that Ann, Anne, and Anna were used. We'll try to be consistent here and use Ann.

Modified: 05/30/2012