Saturday, December 31, 2011

Posts of interest - 2011

As a means (an attempt) to freeze a point in time (which we know is not possible), the last post of 2011 will list the top four posts in terms of having been read (well, views, anyway). Perhaps, this will be a yearly event.

Aside: As said in Mission and Method, posts are to contribute to a theme, though there may be divergent ones from time to time. Blogs allow categories, but these are problematic since they collect and present in a time order. From time to time, there ought to be a super-post that gives a more coherent view (here is an example - Truth, Fiction, and Finance). Perhaps, that type of thing will be done more often in the coming year.

Posts of interest, as of today:

  • -- George C. Lunt (Silversmith) -- From Mar 2011. This post is linked to Wikipedia, so wiki is source for the views. George's company was a long time in existence. Too, the work that these artisans do is wonderful. The post provides a link to information about a project to identify early artisans and tradesmen. 
  • -- Great migration -- From Feb 2011. This seminal work allows one to make grounded claims. Too, though, it can be used to establish a basis from which to fill in gaps. After the start of arrivals in the early 1600s, there was a massive influx for a number of years which then ebbed for a number of reasons. This work helps us understand some of what happened. 
  • -- Henry Lunt (Mariner) -- From May 2011. Henry was a long time at sea. Too, he sailed in interesting times and with interesting people. Too, we have a portrait of Henry's son from 1805. We'll be looking at Henry again, for many reasons. 
  • --  Newbury, MA -- From Jan 2011. This town got its start about the same time as Ipswich, its neighbor (Rowley was a spin-off from Ipswich). Turns out that Newbury had a better access, than Ipswich, to ocean waters. We will have to look more closely at the founding times and the people involved. 

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