Wednesday, October 26, 2011

George Lunt

While reading Charles Levi's book on the Woodbury family and some of their collateral families, the blogger came across a reference to a poem by George Lunt (Bloody Brook). The particular chapter of the Woodbury book dealt with the life of Peter who died, in 1675, in the Battle of Bloody Brook.

Who was George? George Lunt (ca 1803 -- 1885) was the prominent author who descended from Henry and Ann through their son, Daniel (Chapman, in process tree). George was the grandson of Henry, the mariner, that we looked at before.

George graduated from Harvard in 1824 and became a practicing attorney. As well, he was successful as a writer. Several of his poems were used at ceremonials such as one, in 1869, celebrating American Independence.


10/26/2011 -- The blogger first ran across this reference to George after reading what Charles Levi had written about Mt. Wollaston. Too much partying there, in the playground of New England, drove John Endicott crazy.

Modified: 10/26/2011