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Henry Lunt (Mariner)

Henry Lunt (#306 - The Lunt Family) was a descendant of Henry and Anna through Daniel (#3 The Lunt Family).

He was a cousin of Abel (#318 The Lunt Family, Robinson Tree) who is featured in The ancestry of Abel Lunt 1769-1806, of Newbury Massachusetts. In 1947, Walter G. Davis (a descendant) also wrote The ancestry of Phoebe Tilton 1775-1847 Wife of Captain Abel Lunt (Phoebe's tree - McDonald).


Henry Lunt served with John Paul Jones for some years (Alfred, Providence, Bon Homme Richard) despite Henry pointing out failures in character in his superior officer.

James Fenimore Cooper chronicled the endeavors (stale) of Henry (and his kinsman, Cutting, #193 The Lunt family, who was the brother of Paul, the diarist) Lunt in his biographical look at JPJ's role in naval history.


Some nautical novels, by a descendant (Tom McNamara), featured Henry Lunt's exploits. An example is Henry Lunt & the Ranger, January 1991.


A portrait by Raphaelle Peale from 1805 is believed to be of Henry's son. Raphaelle's father did miniatures of both Henry Lunt and John Paul Jones (stale) in 1781.


08/10/2015 -- Removed and marked stale links. One was to a J.F. Cooper story. Also, there was a naval report: Daniel Lunt, essentially, told John Paul that he was mistreating his subordinates. Need to find this. [A bane of the Internet: disappearing sites/pages (many reasons- restructuring, moves, ...) create the not-found error] I did see this story back in the day (4 years ago). Here is the JFC look via Google docs.

02/06/2015 -- Walter G. Davis wrote the Ancestry of Abel Lunt.

03/05/2013 -- Comment received in late Feb, 2013, moved to post on Henry's journal. Also, note that Walter G. Davis, the genealogist, was a descendant.

05/09/2011 -- According to Henry's Will, his wife was Anna.

05/08/2011 -- Will collect further mentions of Henry Lunt (Yorkshire history - stale).

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