Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lunts and Lunts

While reading through Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (a 17-volume compilation authorized in 1891 - see below for on-line access to all volumes), I was struck by several things. For one, how can we thank those who put together this wonderful resource? The page count is above 17,000 which represents the effort to identify the patriots in one area. For instance, New Hampshire's patriots are not included, though Maine is well-represented.

Too, the Lunt listing (Volume 10) starts on page 44 with Abner and ends with Timothy on page 52. There are over 40 Lunts in the listing. Then, one has to wonder which of these are descendants of Henry.

An open task will be to identify Lunt families who were early emigrants and to pull out of the MS&S those who were offspring of Henry and Ann. We can start with Thomas S. Lunt's book.

--- Index to on-line volumes (thanks to --

       v1 (A - Ber), v2 (Bes - Byx), v3 (C - Cor), v4 (Cos - Dry), v5 (Du - Foy),
       v6 (Fr - Gy), v7 (Ha - Hix), v8 (Hm - Jy), v9 (Ka - Lsu), v10 (Lua - Mop),
       v11 (Mor - Paz), v12 (Pea - Raz), v13 (Rea - Sey), v14 (Sha - Sth), v15 (Sti - Toz),
       v16 (Tra - Whe), v17 (Whi - Z)


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