Tuesday, March 22, 2011

George C. Lunt (Silversmith)

As we look at the time between the start of the Great Migration and the present, there are many things that will demand attention. For instance, there are historic events, and people, to consider. Too, Henry's tree will become entangled with many other families. The number of families mentioned in the Index suggests this.

As well, there can be many stories told about the early times. The middle times give us several major conflicts that we need to look at; we have already mentioned Henry Lunt and John Paul Jones, as one example of many. For the current times, a look at the breadth of influence will always be of interest.


We have a good example with Lunt Silversmiths which got its current name in 1935.

George C. Lunt (#1655 The Lunt Family), who was a descendant of Henry through his son, Daniel, was born in Newburyport, MA in 1864. George's grandfather was Silas (Baker-James tree) who was a descendant of Capt. John Cutting.

George apprenticed at the factory (stale), which is in Greenfield, MA, and took ownership from A. F. Towle (Anthony Francis) in 1902. A. F. had taken over the factory from William Moulton (IV - Gault tree) a member of the Moulton family in the 1880s.

William Moulton (I) and his brothers arrived in 1637. The grandson, William (III), was the first confirmed silversmith (c 1742), however the Moultons had worked in metals from the beginning.

Hence, George picked up a 200-year old business.


This is a cursory look that we expect to expand further.


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  1. Thank you for having this page. I was looking up a pewter tankard and it is so interesting to read about the family and the business. My best wishes to your family and future successes.

  2. I would like to know where I can find the Sterling Silver flatware pattern "Alexandra" by Lunt. It was available in 1969.Thank you very much.

    1. Doing a brief search on Google, I see that there are several places to buy this pattern, from as early as 1961.

      This is one example: