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Henry, Ann and the kids

There are several goals, such as obtain and summarize information about Henry and Ann. Too, one goal will be to attempt a full tree for Henry and Ann.

Henry and Ann Lunt came to the new world on the Mary & John in 1634. After landing in Ipswich, they moved to and helped establish Newbury, Mass. Henry was quite successful at farming, "as the inventory of his estate shows" (TLS). Henry and Ann had seven children all born after their arrival.

The following is a list of their children, the first generation, born in New England. For each child, there are pointers for the information that is currently known.
Henry may have been the son of Thomas Lunt who was born in 1584 and who was mentioned "in the parish register of South Marston, Wiltshire, England" in 1607. Thomas died in 1627.


The list of individuals who were in early Newbury includes: Aquila Chase, Tristam Coffin, Edmund Greenlief, Thomas Hale, Percival Lowell, Nathaniel Merrill, Anthony Morse, William Moulton, Nicholas Noyes, John Osgood, Richard Pettingell, and Henry Sewall. Some of these will come up in later posts.

There will be edits to this post for awhile as we get new info. The Remarks will put a forward link to future posts that are related. A modified date will denote when things change.


02/01/2013 -- Update rootsweb references for Larson tree.

04/17/2012 -- Changed Henry/Jane (Larson tree - database change moved pointers). All the rootsweb pointers will be re-formatted for persistency (see example).

01/14/2012 -- Sarah's husband, John, (descendants - Larson) was a grandson of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. One of her offspring is Alan Bartlett Shepard.

08/30/2011 -- Update on Henry (2nd gen) son of Daniel (1st gen).

08/10/2011 -- More info about Mary Lunt.

06/08/2011 -- Add material for Priscilla. Changed date of death for some of the daughters (using TSL's book).

05/17/2011 -- Nice writeup about Stephen Bachiler.

05/09/2011 -- According to Henry's Will, his wife was Anna.

05/08/2011 -- William Parsons Lunt was the pastor of presidents.

05/07/2011 -- Henry Lunt, who served with John Paul Jones, was cousin of Abel.

04/20/2011 -- Paul Lunt, descendant of son Daniel.

03/22/2011 -- George C. Lunt and Lunt Silversmiths.

02/22/2011 -- Added information about Sarah, from the Great Migrations project (several volumes).

12/27/2010 -- Given that Stephen Bachiler was mentioned, we will be looking at the interplay of the families along a short bit of coast, that is, from Newbury north to Kittery, Me. In between is the independent state of NH. Kittery has 1623 as its initial year and an interesting history. It was successful in the fishing business. Though, MA was able to keep ME under its thumb until the 1800s. Many stories to look at.

12/24/2010 -- We'll start a Two Generations post for Henry and Ann, soon. So far, I haven't seen (but will continue to look for) any organized efforts by Lunts to document (using modern techniques) the family, as we have seen with some families (to wit, Greenleaf, Turn the Hearts (on this page, notice the ancestor chart and count), et al).

12/22/2010 -- Putting this in as a placeholder, for now, since Newbury people were mentioned above: Stephen Bachiler. Many of the modern day Lunts have this guy as an ancestor. He was older, did not cower to Winthrop, et al, led a bunch of illustrious families (including Peabody) north to help found New Hampshire, and then returned to England where he is buried. As we know, Hampton and Newbury almost share a border.

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